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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

What You Should Do If You Notice the Signs of Ear Infection in Your Child

When our little ones are in their early years, they are susceptible to all sorts of illnesses that can cause many sleepless nights for parent and baby alike. The good news is that many of these conditions are likely to only result in some discomfort and can be easily treated at home without the need for any visits to the clinic.
One of the most common childhood illnesses is ear infections, which can vary in severity and will need prompt treatment to relieve the symptoms as soon as possible. Not a day goes by in the US when a pediatrician doesn’t diagnose a young child with an ear infection. So, if you notice that your little one is not themselves, here are some signs of an ear infection which will indicate a visit to your doctor is necessary. Read more here...

Staying Out for the Summer: Children’s Summer Skin Care Tips

It is hard to believe that the summer will be with us again soon and with it the long, sunny days which we all enjoy so much. It is an excellent time of the year to spend outside enjoying BBQs and games with the family, and you can often be having so much fun that you forget to take adequate precautions against the sun. This is bad enough for adults, but kiddies have much more sensitive skin and therefore need more protection.
For existing parents, you probably already have a system in place for the summer, but for new parents, these children’s summer skin care tips will help point you in the right direction. Read more here...

Monday, May 14, 2018

Top Tips for Choosing Your Next Pediatrician

Life is full of changes, and at some point during your kid’s childhood, you may find yourself looking for a new pediatrician. It might be that you are moving to a new place or that your current pediatrician is retiring. Whatever the reason, you will want to ensure that you find the best fit for you and your kid.
It is worth starting the search as soon as possible so you have time to do thorough research on the options available in the area. To get you started, we have put together a few tips for choosing your next pediatrician. Read more here...