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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pediatrics Tip: Never Ignore Your Child’s Behavioral Health Issues

Sadness, anger, and irritation – these are emotions that are not always part of your view of health. These are normal feelings that everyone experiences, so if you observe them in your child, you might also think that nothing’s wrong. When they occur longer or more frequently than usual, however, or when signs of unhappiness or frustration are too prominent, they could already be a significant behavioral health issue. Impact of Behavioral Health Issues As a parent, you need to understand that your child’s behavior can affect several facets of his or her development and health. When a child is too aggressive, easily distracted, or depressed, learning may not be optimal. The child may not participate in various day-to-day activities because of social anxieties or even stress. Additionally, effects on the physical health, like frequent lack of energy or sleepiness, can be apparent.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Consult a Littleton Pediatrics Clinic About Skin Irritations in Summer

When the weather gets hotter and the air becomes more humid, you can expect a few illnesses to suddenly materialize, many of them affecting the skin. Kids are often more prone to these conditions than adults. After those two-day hiking and camping trips in the Rockies, or those long days spent swimming and holding barbecues in your backyard, you may just find your little ones starting to scratch themselves nonstop, or crying because of stinging pain on their skin. The classic sunburn is perhaps the most common cause of discomfort, but skin infections, allergies, and a bunch of other conditions could cause rashes, blisters, or even mysterious lumps and bumps. When a child can’t stop scratching an itchy area, the tiny sores or eruptions can look worse, get more irritating, or even become infected. Here’s a list of common skin irritations that kids can suffer every summer, and which just might require a visit to a Littleton pediatrics clinic.