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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

How to Talk to Your Pediatrician About Your Child’s Behavior Problems

Parents of toddlers know that tantrums and minor behavioral issues are commonplace, but these issues usually resolve by the time a child reaches school-age. A school-age child who has tantrums, a bad temper or acts out on a regular basis may benefit from a medical evaluation by a provider of Littleton pediatrics. A medical evaluation can help to determine if your child has a health condition or learning disability that is contributing to the problem behaviors. When to Call Your Child's Doctor As a parent, you know what is typical for your child. However, there are some signs that suggest your child's behavior is not typical for his or her developmental age. A child with tantrums that last for 10 minutes may need to be evaluated by the pediatrician in Littleton, such as from practices like Focus on Kids Pediatrics. Children who seem out of control should also be checked over by the doctor. If your child is school-age, the teacher or school nurse may notice some problem behaviors.


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